Examining the relationships between your huge four personality attributes and you can dietary designs among people into the a great Ghanaian College

Examining the relationships between your huge four personality attributes and you can dietary designs among people into the a great Ghanaian College

Adherence so you’re able to a beneficial weight loss strategies might have been associated with problem prevention and higher quality of life yet ,, Students are recognized to provides terrible dietary consumption and you may diet plan quality. To own a conduct modification into the weight loss patterns, an insight into new relationship between your character traits and you may diet habits was out-of much significance.

The goal of this research was to determine the relationship anywhere between characteristics and weight loss designs certainly University students inside Ghana.


A mix-sectional construction related to eight hundred children try working. Details about socio-demographic functions and the body Bulk Index were gotten. The big 5 Characteristics (extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, visibility and neuroticism) is analyzed using a great 50-goods All over the world Identification Product Pond (IPIP) from the Goldberg. The three grounds dining questionnaire (TFEQ) was used to obtain further information with the fat loss designs.


All of the pupils had highest ratings getting conscientiousness. Except for neuroticism, all characteristics had a life threatening association which have at the very least one of many weight loss models browsed. Extraversion is certainly for the neophagia (p = 0.028) and restaurants attention (p = 0.008), conscientiousness is associated with assortment (p = 0.045) and you can glucose moderation (p = 0.006), agreeableness was of neophagia (p = 0.005), missing of products (p = 0.007) and you will range (p = 0.005) and you can visibility of the food appeal (p = 0.009).


Personality traits displayed connections which have certain diet habits but after that studies are required to select persons who happen to be susceptible to eating plan relevant illness to tell the introduction of appropriate treatments.


Dieting habits reference the fresh selection of choice otherwise conclusion one to produces with regards to foods drank. They include what you should eat, when to eat, just how much to consume and you may where you should consume . Talking about influenced by the taste preferences, assortment during the meals chose, regularity from meal application, portion sizes, snacking actions and skipping out of dinners. Pupils are recognized to possess worst slimming down intakes and you will diet quality. Several situations like alterations in home, personal time management otherwise benefits, eating at restaurants, economic limits, family members determine, fixation to control weight and you can nutrition misconception was basically regarding the so it trend away from bad weight loss patterns [2, 3].

Here however remains a space anywhere between slimming down knowledge and genuine weight reduction intake during the populace such that anyone believe that it is hard to improve out-of negative weight reduction patterns in order to healthy choice . It has been postulated that cutting-edge interaction ranging from mental, cultural, environment and you will behavioral activities exerts an impact on your ability to switch losing weight habits .

Comprehension of the new connection anywhere between one’s characteristics and you can food patterns have been posited to be associated to possess an excellent actions amendment single incontri mormoni gratis into the eating routine . Particular studies have shown an association ranging from eating problems, lbs and you can personality. Certainly one of instance studies discovered losing weight disinhibition getting firmly related with adult gaining weight. Additionally, slimming down restraints was basically reported to attenuate it impression when diet disinhibition was high . Provencher and you will colleagues also noticed individuals emotional things to getting associated that have characteristics and several food behaviours .

Character traits was behavioural features which might be constantly expressed by a beneficial individual or even the line of models showed within the behaviour . Latest identification psychologists commonly agree that there are five key domains otherwise dimensions of traits you to interact to make identification and contour personal surroundings . These personality traits also are referred to as ‘Huge 5′ or the ‘Four Grounds Model’ personality traits . The ‘Four Factor Model’ has been proven to help you take into account some other attributes inside personality in the place of overlapping together with other traits and contains exhibited surface in the interviews, self-meanings and you will physical findings . Such qualities is actually generally categorized given that extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and you may transparency to play [12, 13]. Certain character traits was about weight one of people. For example, lower conscientiousness and higher impulsivity were in the large system mass list and unhealthy food choices certainly one of college students [step one, 14]. Additionally, an optimistic correlation are observed between psychoticism and you may below average eating and you will neuroticism with pickiness and you can neophobia while neuroticism is adversely synchronised having suit dining and you can health patterns .